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09 May 2006 @ 07:52 pm
超人的 (ちょうじんてき)

n. superhuman

Kanji Components:
超 (ちょう) [super-] and 人 (じん) [human] and 的 (てき) [object]

Just because Santa Claus superhumanly delivers presents doesn't mean he is a god.
yume5kochi on May 21st, 2006 10:56 am (UTC)
サンタコローズ!!!!That sounds very funny to me (I am Japanese), and it made me laugh so hard. Thanks:) I really like the way it sounds. 3 roses looking like an octopus! hahaha

Santa Claus is actually サンタクロース in Japanese. Not サンタコローズ, although I'd like it better than サンタクロース!

「サンタクロースは贈り物(おくりもの)を超人的に届(とど)けられるからといって、必(かなら)ずしも神様(かみさま)とは限(かぎ)りません。」hm.. That sentence is grammatically fine, but it sounds awkward to me. 「必(かなら)ずしも...とは限(かぎ)りません」 means "it doesn't necessarily mean ..." It sounds like there is a small possibility that he might be a God, but we all know Santa Claus is NOT a God, so it sounds weird.. Besides, the word 超人的 makes it sound as if Santa Claus is a Superman or a Spiderman or something. It doesn't seem holy at all..

Anyway, thanks for the good laugh!:) This community seems interesting. I can learn English here!