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03 May 2006 @ 12:29 am
I apologize for the lack of updates lately; we've been going through some changes, but everything seems to be worked out.

集団行動する (しゅうだんこうどうする)

v. collective behavior

Kanji Components: (sorry too lazy to break down all four kanji. go here for more detailed information)
集団 (しゅうだん) [group, mass]
行動 (こうどう) [action, behavior]

Because Japanese typically act in a collective manner, it's difficult for Americans to understand the Japanese mind.


集団行動 can also be used simply as a noun. For example, I pulled the example from my friend's journal, in which she wrote 集団行動が苦手, "I'm not very good with collective behavior. (which I find a bit ironic, being she is Japanese).
03 May 2006 @ 10:03 pm

v. slap someone on the [his] cheek

Kanji Components:

When I told my girlfriend I've been cheating on her for three months, she slapped me across the face.

ビンタする is only used in a very particular context: when a woman slaps a man across the face (once or twice). For other means of slapping, you can use ひっぱたく, which is a slap to the face for both genders, and たたく, which is the more universal/flexible slap/pat.

Oh, yeah, and not a true story ;)